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Into the Wild, 23 Sept


Into the Wild…. is an innovative experiential programme for the symbiotic development of self knowledge and the development of knowledge of the natural environment. Combining psychotherapeutic, anthropological and ecological exploration, this programme provides nature based experiential learning in London’s wild spaces.

Come on a journey and get to know yourself and nature better

  • Become a tracker…learn how to identify animals from the signs they leave behind; footprints, feeding signs and dropping
  • Become a natural navigator…learn how to find your direction using plants; animals and the elements
  • Become at home in nature…learn how to live in the wild and look after your basic needs; shelter, fire lighting, water purification and foraging.


Our next course starts on Saturday 23rd September 2017.  Supported by Croydon Council, we have 10 free places for young people aged 16- 25 years.  For more information or to refer contact

If you are a school or community group please get in touch to arrange future session dates.

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23 June 2016