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WitC on racism in the countryside

10 Year Anniversary

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Listen to Beth Collier on AntiSocial

Wild in the City director, Beth Collier, appeared on BBC Radio 4’s AntiSocial programme to discuss issues around racism in the UK countryside.

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary

We’re so excited to be in our 10th year, building community with nature, 2013 – 2023!

What an incredible journey to get this far, we’ve brought together many amazing people in that time and nature has graced us with so many wonderful experiences.

Buy your WitC Festival tickets!

Tickets are now on sale for the second edition of the Wild in the City Festival celebrating people of colour in nature, which will take place in Croydon on 15-16 June 2024.

What we do

Making nature a meaningful part of everyday life

We support the well-being of urban residents through relationship with nature

We provide experiences in woodland living skills, natural history and ecotherapy for children and adults in London and beyond

We’re building a community of people who gather in nature for fun, to learn and feel good

What We Offer

We promote contact with nature, enhancing personal well-being and family and community cohesion. Our activities provide fun, informative and therapeutic immersion in nature, helping make nature a meaningful part of everyday life.

Black Nature Narratives

Black Nature Narratives offers black perspectives on issues relating to the natural world and our relationship with nature. Hosted by Nature Allied Psychotherapist and Naturalist, Beth Collier.

No Blacks, No Dogs, No Fishing

Beth Collier, WitC Director, participated in and contributed original research to Tim Pottage’s documentary film ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Fishing’.

This is Tim’s first documentary and looks at why more people of colour in the UK do not go fishing or utilise the natural world as much as the general population. The narration is partly based upon ‘Black Absence in Green Spaces’ by Beth Collier.

We help people make nature a friend rather than being a stranger

One of our key aims as a therapeutic organisation is to help people develop positive relationships in and with nature, supporting human interaction in our social worlds but also improving our connection to nature. In terms of maximising the benefit of connection, there is a triad; ourselves, others and nature. It is important for our wellbeing to have good relationships with others, but it is really powerful if we also have a good relationship with nature and can enjoy relationships with other people whilst being in nature.

Root your life in nature

Wild in the City supports wellbeing through connection to nature. We offer experiences in bushcraft, natural history and ecotherapy for children and adults living or working in urban areas, using the skills of our ancestors to nurture a deeper connection to the natural world; supporting well-being and the development of positive relationships in and with nature.

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Nurture a closer relationship with the natural world and with others.