About Us

About Us

Wild in the City was founded in 2013 and became a non profit CIC in 2013. We support well-being through relationship with nature in London’s wild spaces.  We work from natural settings offering experiences in woodland living skills, natural history and ecotherapy for children and adults living or working in urban areas.

We are passionate about helping people to reconnect with nature and to experience nature’s ability to support health.  We promote bushcraft and nature awareness as skills which help us to ‘live’ in a fast paced, urbanised, tech driven world.

We offer a range of nature experiences designed to inspire you to spend more time outdoors and help make nature a meaningful part of your everyday life.

We’re building a community of people who gather in nature to have fun, learn and feel good.

Our aims

  • Provide fun, informative and therapeutic immersion in nature
  • Support the development of positive relationships in and with nature
  • Promote and normalise contact with nature during work, rest and play
  • Deepen connection with nature through the development of practical skills, exploration and play

Our ethos

We are therapeutic in our approach and aim to help facilitate the development of positive relationships in and with nature. You can read more about our community values here and our social media policy here.

Many people in cities have lost contact with nature and what it can offer in terms of relaxation and recreation.  Increasingly urban lifestyles are indoor orientated, isolating, lack activity and can lead to poor quality relationships. Low incomes can limit options for healthy entertainment and recreation.  Wild in the City work to show how nature can provide free activities which are fun and support health, raising self-esteem and giving a sense of meaning and purpose in life.  Wild in the City inspire people with ideas and skills they can apply independently.

We specialise in supporting people who are unfamiliar with spending time in natural settings and those who have an insecure attachment to nature (“it’s dirty/it’s scary”), working with people relationally to help them feel comfortable in green spaces and to see spending time in nature as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Sometimes we contrast nature with rural and concrete with the city, but nature isn’t just something that exists in the countryside.

Over 47% of London is green space. If half of London is green space, then it’s feasible to spend at least half of our time in its wild and natural areas!  We want to normalise spending time in nature during everyday life. 

Why choose us

We are driven by our own passion for spending time in the natural world and hope that you’ll enjoy being in the woods as much as we do.

We keep our group sizes small to allow intimacy with nature and among participants, rather than aiming for large numbers where the connection with people and nature can become diluted.  We are fully insured and DBS checked.


We are a non profit Community Interest Company. We welcome partners and sponsorship to help support our activities. If you are interested in supporting local residents in increasing their connection to nature please contact us to discuss collaboration.