Nature Guides

Nature Guides

Wild in the City is training volunteers who are people of colour as Nature Guides.

Our Nature Guides will support urban residents in developing their relationship with nature and with others; facilitating people in exploring beautiful natural settings in London and beyond, through walks and woodland experiences.

We are pleased to provide a unique opportunity within the only black led nature skills training for people of colour in the UK. Places are limited with 6 Nature Guide candidates selected each year.

Wild in the City’s Nature Guides will open up nature and the countryside to urban residents

This training is open to volunteers who have undertaken the Nature Connectors course, which forms a pre requisite and first component of the guiding programme; in which we reflect on our own relationship with nature, as people of colour and give grounding to the values which help develop positive relationships in and with nature.

This in-depth training will deepen knowledge, skills and connection, covering walk leadership, woodland living skills, natural history and ecotherapy.

Through the Nature Guide training programme we will;

  • build a team of people of colour leading experiences in nature
  • develop volunteers confidence in the outdoors and as leaders
  • create a secure base for our communities in nature
  • change the landscape of provision and delivery within the environmental field, making it more inclusive

Meet the Guides


“Being in nature has allowed me space and time to be still and reflect. I just feel really good and at peace when I’m spending time in natural spaces.

The Nature Guides course is giving me practical skills in bush craft and navigation as well as skills in leadership. I’m looking forward to soon being able to teach people like myself and give them the same opportunity to enjoy and learn about nature, that I feel lucky to have received myself!

Being with other POC has made all the difference.  I feel supported and never feel like I have to be anything other than myself.”


“I’ve grown up around nature in the outskirts of London and its always been positive to have outside space to have alone and with family and friends. Whether in the garden eating fruits from the trees, having a family function in the summer, or in the meadow building dens under bridges with friends and catching tadpoles in the pond. I spent a lot of my childhood playing outside with my siblings and children in my area. As a tomboy, or just active person I still love the freedom that comes with walking and cycling to many places.

I love learning the names, properties and stories behind different wildlife, flora and fauna”


“I’ve felt more confident about leading outdoors and encouraging people to go for walks in nature. I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.”



“Growing up in an urban environment I think we’re quite detached from being in nature and in green spaces. I realised from being on the Nature Connector’s course how much benefit it has for my wellbeing; feeling calm and relaxed being out in nature and I want to introduce that to people of similar backgrounds.”



“I have always loved being in nature.

Spending time in nature on the Nature Connector’s course made me realise how much I love it and how much I missed it afterwards.

I want to spend much more time outdoors and maybe move my career into that field as well.

I’m learning more skills, the more time I spend in nature the more comfortable I’m becoming. Having overcome barriers and discomforts that I’ve felt myself, I’m in a better position to support others through those.

I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”