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Woodland Living Skills

Learn how to live in harmony with the natural world. We teach traditional skills and provide experiences in the techniques and worldviews of our ancestors including; natural navigation, tracking, wildlife identification, carving, basketry, foraging, fire by friction, shelter, wild cooking, camp hygiene.


Enjoy days out walking through beautiful countryside within London and beyond. Join us for regular hikes on 1st Sunday of the month, led by our Nature Guides. Fresh air, great company, fun exercise, beautiful scenery…

Natural History

Our relaxed and friendly events are a great way to learn about different kinds of natural habitat and the wildlife that lives there. Want to be able to pick out an Oak from a Sycamore, hear the difference between a Blackbird and a Buzzard? Our wildlife safaris are a great way to get to know some of the 15,000 species that are our neighbours in London; Birdwatching, Tree and plant identification, Bat walks, Glowworm hunts and more…


We facilitate therapeutic groups, immersion and attunement in nature, using time in nature to support well-being and build community.

Research & Consultancy

We are one of the first organisations to conduct in-depth ethnographic research exploring people of colour’s relationship with nature in the UK. We provide consultancy about race and inclusion within the environmental field.

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Nurture a closer relationship with the natural world and with others.