Connection & Relationships

Connection & Relationships

One of our key aims as a therapeutic organisation is to help people develop positive relationships in and with nature, supporting human interaction in our social worlds but also improving our connection to nature. In terms of maximising the benefit of connection, there is a triad; ourselves, others and nature. It is important for our wellbeing to have good relationships with others, but it is really powerful if we also have a good relationship with nature and can enjoy relationships with other people whilst being in nature.

Our work is underpinned by attachment theory and the importance of having a secure base, we aim to help people develop secure attachments with people and with nature.

We help people make nature a friend rather than being a stranger, by introducing and showing how to have meaningful conversations with nature.  Nature is a book that is telling us something if we understand the language, we help people read the landscape with practices like natural navigation and animal tracking.  We use bushcraft to reflect on what it means to live rather than survive.


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Nurture a closer relationship with the natural world and with others.