Community Values

Community Values

As a therapeutically grounded organisation Wild in the City aims to build a community which is emotionally healthy.

Wild in the City places a strong emphasis on relationships and how we treat each other. We aim to provide a secure base for developing positive relationships with and in nature.

We invite participants to be proactive in co-creating a culture of respect, self awareness and honesty.

We hold boundaries against anti-social behaviour, including more insidious behaviour such as passive aggression and reserve the right to decline individuals who do not share our community values.

These values extend to online communication, you can read more about our Social Media policy here.

Ethics and partnership working

We strive to be assertive, boundaried and self aware. We seek to build relationships that are emotionally healthy with other individuals and organisations who value being assertive, boundaried and self aware. We treat others as we’d like to be treated, with respect and courtesy. We enjoy mutually beneficial relationships.

We take pride in doing our work well. We are clear communicators and creative problem solvers. We make room for humour in our work. We do not tolerate psychological or physical aggression.

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