Research & Consultancy

Research & Consultancy

We provide research and consultancy on race and inclusion within the environmental field, and human-nature relationships.

We have been one of the first organisations to conduct in-depth ethnographic research into people of colour’s relationship with nature in the UK and additionally, attitudes of environmental organisations towards black, Asian and minority ethnic participation within nature based activity.

You can commission Wild in the City for consultancy, facilitation and research on programme needs, design and outcomes. We can support you through;

  • lectures
  • seminars
  • research and report writing
  • faciliation and workshops
  • consultation

Contact us for more information if you are interested in how projects and programmes can be designed to increase participation from ethnic minority communities.

Facilitation – Reflective Groups

We facilitate reflective groups to help your organisation consider it’s current engagement with black, Asian and ethnic minority people and messaging which impacts on inclusion and participation.

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Current research programmes

Covid-19, Nature and Well-being

We are currently conducting research into the role that parks and open spaces have played within our lockdown experience and the impact of nature on our well-being during the coronavirus outbreak.

You can participate within the programme by completing the survey here.

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