Nature Connectors: People of colour in nature

View a multi-media piece documenting our Nature Connector’s course, building bridges back into the oral tradition for learning about nature. Read the full piece here. “Nature Connectors are guiding people in exploring beautiful natural settings in and around London. Helping Londoners nurture a closer relationship with the natural world and with others: learning woodland living skills,[…]

Over the Bridge, S3, E3

Listen to Over The Bridge @otbpodcastuk podcast ‘Reconnecting with Nature’, with guest Beth Collier; discussing our relationship with nature as black & mixed race people, London becoming a National Park City and more. The conversation is chaired by OTB presenter and WitC trainee Nature Guide, Kwaku.

BBC, Cities: Nature’s New Wild

Wild in the City’s Director, Beth Collier, was featured in the recent BBC series ‘Cities: Nature’s New Wild’. Narrated by Daniel Kaluuya, this three part series explores how wildlife has responded to the spread of human habitats throughout the world, with episodes on Residents, Commuters and Outcasts. The last 10 minutes of Episode 3, Outcasts,[…]