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Ongoing opportunities to get involved…

If you’re interested in helping to build a community of people who gather in nature to have fun, learn and feel good, get in touch to find out about opportunities to support our workshops, help out on a Wild in the City stall or support our office/admin functions.

We’re currently looking for volunteers to support the development of our projects and events, whether you’re looking for occasional or regular volunteering.

We’d love to hear from you if you have experience in Fundraising, PR and Communications, Film/Photography, Project Management, Admin.

Mapping project: Green Ward Walks

Are you interested in geography, tech, mapping and encouraging people to spend more time in green places?

We’re looking for volunteers to help within our Green Ward Walks project mapping and creating routes linking green spaces within Croydon wards.

We want to create an easy to follow trail which introduces residents to green spaces on their doorstep, which also points out things of interest they might expect to see there.  Volunteers are needed to help plan routes and then walk and gps tag local trails.

The trail will be associated with an annual day event with walks and activities in green spaces.

If you’d like to get involved with mapping or promoting the trails, get in touch.

Contact Beth;

07906 832 952