Wild in the City!

What we do

Making nature a meaningful part of everyday life

We support the wellbeing of urban residents through connection to nature.

We offer a range of bushcraft and wellbeing activities for children, adults and businesses in London’s wild and green spaces.

We’re building a community of people who gather in nature for fun, to learn and feel good.

Bushcraft and Forest School

We’re waiting to welcome you around the campfire at our bushcraft base camps in beautiful broadleaf woodlands and local nature reserves. We offer fun and informative courses on traditional crafts and outdoor living skills in London’s parks and woods. Get close to nature on our bushcraft courses including fire lighting, shelter building, tracking, carving, basketry, wildlife ID and natural navigation.

Wild Wellbeing

Join us for relaxation and rejuvenation in the woods, we believe that nature is the best antidote to busy city lifestyles. Unwind and de-stress underneath the canopies, with the smell of the woodsmoke and birds serenading you. We offer a range of courses and programmes including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, retreats, art and ecotherapy.

Wild Working

We make it easy and comfortable for you to use nature as an office. Promoting staff wellbeing and the power of fresh air to bring fresh perspectives. We offer a range of activities for businesses including Netwalking, away days, team building and opportunities for corporate volunteering.

Community Events

We run events and programmes connecting people and place, creating a sense of belonging to communities past and present. Get involved and be part of a community of people who gather in nature, to learn, have fun and feel good.

About Us

Developing positive relationships in and with nature
Root your life in nature

Wild in the City! offers nature based activities and experiences for children, families, adults and professionals living or working in urban areas, to help deepen connection and knowledge of the natural world through the development of practical skills, exploration and play; supporting well-being and the development of positive relationships in and with nature.

  • Promoting contact with nature
  • enhancing personal well-being and family and community cohesion
  • fun, informative and therapeutic immersion in nature
  • Helping make nature a meaningful part of everday life

Our Team

Beth Collier
Founder/Nature-based Psychotherapist
I believe that nature is intrinsic to our emotional wellbeing. I use London’s parks and woodlands as therapeutic spaces. I have a background in Anthropology and a passion for bushcraft and wildlife developed during a rural childhood. I love wild camping and spending time in woodland around the campfire, crafting with natural materials.
James Grant
Bushcraft Instructor
I have had an interest in bushcraft since I was a boy and am an experienced fisherman and forager. I live to be outdoors and am extremely passionate about sharing knowledge of the natural world to help promote individual freedom and stewardship of the environment.
Jenni Bacon
Engagement Manager
When I moved to London I was a bit afraid of all the concrete and skyscrapers. Living in a tiny top-floor flat it was other people’s gardens, migrating swifts and the beautiful London planes that kept me connected to nature. Gradually I discovered that London is really full of wild and green space. Now I’m on a mission with Beth and the team to help more people connect and reconnect to the wild in this city. We’ll all feel better for it.
Esther Potman
Forest School Leader
I believe that children and their carers benefit immensely from spending time in the outdoors. Nature provides a relaxed, but vibrant space to be active, curious, creative and imaginative. I aim to provide opportunities for children to play freely, develop new skills and grow in confidence. I love spending time by rivers and walking in the Scottish Highlands.
Dee Fullerton
Events Volunteer
Dee supports our Netwalking and family events, giving everyone a friendly welcome and helping to ensure the day runs smoothly.
Chibuzo Ifekwe
Wild Working Volunteer
I love the beautiful and intriguing appearance of nature. I find peace and calm being around nature. It\’s a place of meditation and soul searching for me.

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