Wild in the City!

What we do

Making nature a meaningful part of everyday life

Learn traditional crafts, deepen your connection to nature


Exploring leadership style, ways of relating; improving team dynamics and customer experience


Gain skills and confidence in supporting well-being and working with people outdoors


Activities and experiences for children and families in London’s wild and green spaces


Nature-based courses and experiences for fun, relaxation and exploration

Professionals & Corporate

Personal and Professional development in natural settings

About Us

Developing positive relationships in and with nature
Root your life in nature

Wild in the City! offers nature based activities and experiences for children, families, adults and professionals living or working in urban areas, to help deepen connection and knowledge of the natural world through the development of practical skills, exploration and play; supporting well-being and the development of positive relationships in and with nature.

  • Promoting contact with nature
  • enhancing personal well-being and family and community cohesion
  • fun, informative and therapeutic immersion in nature
  • Helping make nature a meaningful part of everday life

Our Team

Beth Collier
Founder/Nature-based Psychotherapist
I am passionate about nature`s potential to support well-being. I use London’s parks and woodlands as therapeutic spaces. I have a background in Anthropology and a passion for bush craft and wildlife developed during an ‘outdoor’ childhood. I love spending time in woodland, around the campfire creating things with natural materials and carving.
Esther Potman
Forest School Leader
I believe that children and their carers benefit immensely from spending time in the outdoors. Nature provides a relaxed, but vibrant space to be active, curious, creative and imaginative. I aim to provide opportunities for children to play freely, develop new skills and grow in confidence. I love spending time by rivers and walking in the Scottish Highlands.
Helen Bradbrook
Art Psychotherapist
I am an HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist with a background in biology, acting and art. I have worked with adults and children in both a therapeutic and an educational and workshop capacity. I am passionate about the possibilities that nature can provide in supporting well-being. I enjoy bush craft and being in woodland, sitting around a campfire carving.

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