Wild in the City

What we do

Making nature a meaningful part of everyday life

We support the wellbeing of urban residents through connection to nature.

We offer a range of bushcraft and wellbeing activities for children, adults and businesses in London’s wild and green spaces.

We’re building a community of people who gather in nature for fun, to learn and feel good.


Developing positive relationships in and with nature

Our Focus

About Us

Developing positive relationships in and with nature
Root your life in nature

Wild in the City supports wellbeing through connection to nature. We offer experiences in bushcraft, natural history and ecotherapy for children and adults living or working in urban areas, to help deepen connection and knowledge of the natural world through the development of practical skills, exploration and play; supporting well-being and the development of positive relationships in and with nature.

  • Promoting contact with nature
  • enhancing personal well-being and family and community cohesion
  • fun, informative and therapeutic immersion in nature
  • Helping make nature a meaningful part of everday life

Our Team

Beth Collier
I feel deep connection around the company of trees and feel at home in woodlands. I love the music of nature, and listening in on nature\’s conversations. I love tapping into the creativity that being in nature inspires. I enjoy wild camping, spending time around the campfire, crafting with natural materials.
Mike Barrett White
I really enjoy sitting in nature and just being and reflecting, I think it\’s really important to get away from the noise of the city and just have a clear mind every once in a while, and as a creative I find so much inspiration in the patterns and shapes I see, as well as the ideas which come through when I have quiet access to them!
Jess Morales
I love spending time in nature and feel like I have developed a special connection with green spaces. The time spent in nature always helps to improve my mood. Often, being indoors makes my head feel crowded but once outdoors I feel more relaxed and able to focus, plus it keeps me physically active and healthy.
Reena Morjaria
I find that being in nature changes everything. It helps me to experience a greater connection with creation, the universe, myself as well as my spiritual beliefs. For me nature brings healing, peace, uplifts my spirits, changes my perspective and brings a sense of adventure and endless possibilities.
Dee Fullerton
Dee supports our Netwalking and family events, giving everyone a friendly welcome and helping to ensure the day runs smoothly.
Chibuzo Ifekwe
I love the beautiful and intriguing appearance of nature. I find peace and calm being around nature. It\’s a place of meditation and soul searching for me.

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