Walks: Terms and Conditions

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Please read carefully and ensure people attending with you are made aware of this information.

Walks will take place whatever the weather except high winds, storms and heavy rain. Walk leaders will make a decision as to whether the walk is rescheduled or cancelled and aim to notify attendees within two hours of the start time.

If you are delayed or have a problem on the day you can contact your walk leader on: 07906 832 952. (on the day only, all other enquiries to the office, info@wildinthecity.org.uk)

In booking you are indicating that you fully understand and accept all risks in participating in the walk/event
and declare the following;

1. I am of sufficient physical fitness to participate in the walk
2. I accept all risks in participating in walk, including injury and loss of life
3. That Wild in the City cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property

Community Values
As a therapeutically grounded organisation Wild in the City aims to build a community which is emotionally healthy.

We place a strong emphasis on relationships and how we treat each other.

We invite participants to be proactive in co-creating a culture of respect, self awareness and honesty.

We hold boundaries against anti-social behaviour, including more insidious behaviour such as passive aggression and reserve the right to decline participation from individuals who do not share our community values. You can read more about our community values here.

Health and Safety
-You agree to take responsibility for our own safety during the walk/event
-You agree that you are appropriate fitness for the walk length and will carry any necessary personal medication
-You are over 18 years of age (under 18’s may attend when accompanied by a responsible adult for events which describe being open to under 18’s)
-you agree that any transport connections involved in participating in the walk are at your own risk and will not hold Wild in the city liable for any injuries or damage
-you agree that outdoor activities bring an element of risk and hazards. You alone are responsible for assessing whether it is safe to cross a road, travel along country trails, roads, through open countryside and through woodland.

Outdoor settings have natural trip hazards (tree roots etc) and eye level flora such as hanging branches. If the weather has been wet then the terrain may be slippery or water logged. At some times in the year there maybe biting insects, bring any precautions such as insect repellent with you.

Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is recognised as an increasing problem in the UK. Lyme disease is a bacterial disease spread by tick bites. Ticks are more prevalent in areas with large mammals such as deer or livestock. If deer or livestock are present in our walk area you are advised to check yourself afterwards.
The risk of contracting Lyme Disease can be reduced by using insect repellent (we recommend Ultrathon Insect Repellent by 3M) and the prompt and safe removal of ticks. Further information can be found on the NHS website http://www.nhs.uk/Con…

First Aid Kit
Your walk leader is First Aid trained. Please note they are unable to offer medication such as painkillers. You might find it useful to bring your own small first aid kit, with any personal medication.

If you require insurance to participate within outdoor walks and events, you must make your own arrangements to ensure adequate cover.

What to wear
Please dress appropriately for the weather so that you are comfortable throughout the day and be prepared for changes to the weather which may occur whilst outdoors. Please wear sturdy footwear, appropriate for walking for longer periods in rural terrains and changeable weather conditions.
We suggest bringing layers for warmth, and having waterproof clothing with you. On sunny/hot days we suggest bringing sun protection such as a sun hat and sun cream. We recommend a hat, gloves and scarf in colder weather. A rucksack is usually the most comfortable type of bag to bring on a long walk.

What to bring

bottle of water ( at least 1 litre)
any snacks

personal medication e.g. inhalers, epi-pens


sun protection

Our walks are typically in open areas of countryside and woodland with no flush toilets available.

Please inform us (info@wildinthecity.org.uk) of medical conditions or allergies you wish us to know about which may be relevant to your participation in outdoor activities. We will keep this information in strictest confidence.

Wild in the City cannot take responsibility for any property which is lost or damaged during the sessions.

Wild in the City would like to take photographs and occasionally short video of walks and events for use promoting the organisation online and in printed materials. Please inform us on the day if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed.