Read what some of our participants have told us about their experiences of our programmes….

Nature Awareness and Outdoor Play Training

View from Brockwell Park  flower press. dissecting plants  Ladybirds

Flower bashing. Session 1  Flower garden.BPCG  Snail racing. Session 1

I loved discovering and discussing with a mixture of professional childcarers and the tutors” – Early Years Manager

I loved all of it – different things I learned will appeal to different children” – Early Years Manager

Very nice people/atmosphere/really pleasant environment to be in. Learned a lot today and had fun”

Lovely day and food! Enjoyed activities with knowledgeable trainers” – Environmental Educator (Children and Families)

Useful ideas of things to do with families and children” – Environmental Educator (Children and Families)

I’ve enjoyed all three sessions and have already put quite a few ideas into practice with children.” – Environmental educator (Children and Families)

I enjoyed it all, but especially the tracking as that was learning something quite new” – Environmental Educator (Children and Families)

Mini dens – fun for any ages, magical and practical! This was more useful and enjoyable than I expected!”

Generally most of the day helped me think/ponder how I could best integrate knowledge/things I want to teach them but sometimes can’t find the way too.”

Thank you for such a fantastic day. You are both fantastic instructors and lovely people” – Nanny

I loved all of the activities and found them all interesting and can adapt most to all ages and capabilities. It was such great fun.” – Nanny

Tracking and natural navigation

Which way is south  Gait  Pigeon

Crow. Right foot.

“The tracking was exciting! Seeing things I hadn’t noticed before. I can imagine it would be very exciting for children to discover these things that are all around you and yet you don’t see. I found it exciting to see the squirrel marks on the bark, quite magical really, to find another world. Its always been there but never seen.” – Environmental Educator (Children and Families)

Its been an excellent day, specifically the tracking which I found very interesting. I’ve never noticed any of the tracks before or I just pooh poohed them and put them to one side, never really took any notice of them until you explained as to what they are, what they meant and how to recognised them.”  – Adventure Playground Youth Worker

There were some bits of the nature walk that I’d noticed before but I’d never really thought about what it meant so that was interesting, to discover.  I enjoyed it, the learning, putting the thoughts together in an active way, processing the thoughts as we were walking, then we got to apply it with all the tracks.” – Early Years Manager

I really enjoyed it, there’s a lot I can take it back to my setting.” – Early Years Manager

The tracking was excellent, I was very excited by the squirrel marks!” – Environmental Education Officer