Terms of Service: Membership

Terms of Service

General Terms of Service for inclusion within Wild in the City C.I.C. membership offer.

In buying membership you agree to accept the following terms;

1. Definitions

1.1 ‘Member’ refers to an individual who has purchased a membership with Wild in the City. The term ‘Member’ relates to participation in events and not governance of the C.I.C.

2. Introduction

2.1 These Terms of Service are general and may be updated from time to time.

3. Age limitations

3.1 We run activities for people aged 3 to 103 years old. This membership is currently offered to individuals 18 years old and over.

4. Booking: Discounts

4.1 Members need to enter their details at the time of booking to claim any discount. It is not possible to amend the booking after it has been completed.

5. Booking: ‘Free for Members’ events

5.1 Membership entitles members to attend free walks and events which are marked as ‘free for members’ within listings.

5.2 We keep our numbers small to allow intimacy within the group and with nature, booking and not attending ‘free for Members’ affects our ability to create community.

5.3 Members should inform Wild in the City if they are no longer able to attend a free event which they have booked, so that their place can be offered to someone else.

5.4  If members ‘no show’ twice in any year (from date of membership purchase) they will be charged the full price to attend the next ‘free for members’ event. This does not apply to booked events with a fee outside of the ‘free for members’ membership offer.

6. Community values

6.1 Wild in the City places a strong emphasis on relationships and how we treat each other. We aim to provide a secure base for developing positive relationships with and in nature.

6.2 All of our events carry a disclaimer regarding personal conduct and group safety. We reserve the right to turn away individuals acting in a way which is disruptive or puts group safety as risk.

6.3 Members are required to treat each other with respect, we welcome the full range of your emotions but you agree to take responsibility for your feelings.

6.4 We hold boundaries against anti-social behaviour, including more insidious behaviour such as passive aggression and reserve the right to revoke membership of individuals who do not share our community values.

Read more about our worldview and community values here.

7. Customer Services

7.1 You can reach us at info@wildinthecity.org.uk, should you need to contact us.

8. Loyalty/Membership

8.1 Memberships can be purchased for either a one off subscription or pay monthly.

8.2 Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled with effect at the end of that monthly billing cycle.

8.3 All memberships are automatically renewed until the member opts to cancel their membership.

8.4 Membership is valid for the name holder only and cannot be transferred or exchanged.

9. Offers

9. Wild in the City reserves the right to remove or replace offers with national and local partners from the membership benefits.

10. Service provision

10.1 The vast majority of our activities are immersive, taking place in nature.

10.2 There might be occasions when planned events are affected by elements outside of our control such as the weather (e.g. gales) or conditions created by weather/climate factors such as forest fires.

10.3 There may be occasions where events need to be cancelled due to circumstances outside of our control for the benefit of the safety of participants and/or to protect the natural environment. As a small organisation, this might mean that we are unable to offer an alternative to that scheduled event, and therefore there may be a reduction in the number of ‘Free to member’ events available in that month(s). In such circumstances we would not offer a refund of all or part of the membership fee.

11. Health and Safety

11.1 Activity in nature carries a level of risk. Terms and Conditions relating events can be read here.

11.2 You agree to take responsibility for your own safety during our events and to take responsibility for the suitability of the event to your level of fitness.

11.3 If you require insurance to participate within outdoor walks and events, you must make your own arrangements to ensure adequate cover

12. Data

12.1 Personal Data: We collect Personal Data from you when you provide such information. The data we may collect includes, without limitation your name, address, email address, postcode and other personally identifiable information. If a Member voluntarily provides further information in connection with registration for an event or otherwise, it will be available to us and will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

12.2 Non Personal Data: In an ongoing effort to better understand and serve the users of our Services, we may conduct research on our customer demographics, interests and behaviour based on Personal Data and other information that we have collected. This research may be compiled and analysed on an aggregate basis and this aggregate information does not identify you personally and therefore is considered and treated as Non-Personal Data under our Privacy Policy.

13. Data usage

13.1 Personal Data: We use the Personal Data we collect in a manner that is consistent with our Privacy Policy. We may use the Personal Data as follows: If you provide Personal Data in order to obtain access to or use of the Membership Service or any functionality thereof, we will use the Data to provide you with access to or use of the Services or functionality and to monitor your use of such Services or functionality. For instance, if you supply information to become a member (e.g. address and credit or debit card information), we will use that information to facilitate such purchase and process your membership.

13.2 Marketing: We may use your Personal Data to contact you in the future for our marketing and advertising purposes, including without limitation to inform you about services or events we believe might be of interest to you, to develop promotional or marketing materials and provide those materials to you, and to display content and advertising on or off the Services that we believe might be of relevance to you. You have the right to opt out of any email marketing at any time.

14. Jurisdiction

14.1 This agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of England. Any action you or Wild in the City brings to enforce this agreement shall only be brought in the courts of England and you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts. If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.