Hyde Park – Nature sessions

We’re excited to be working with The Royal Parks Foundation Education Centre in Hyde Park to provide sessions for adults on nature awareness and traditional skills.

Beth will be facilitating a six-session practical skills programme to support connection with the natural world for a more sustainable way of life.

We particularly hope to attract adults who are new to the park and may not often spend time in green spaces.  To book visit The Royal Parks Foundation website.

  • Mood lifters in nature
  • Nettle String Craft
  • Natural Navigation
  • Campfire Skills
  • Traditional Basket Making
  • Flower Press Workshop

See the descriptions below for more information.





Wild Wellbeing - YogaLearn how to improve your mood with nature using sensory mediation.

Being in nature has a direct effect on the way we feel. In this workshop you will explore mindful interaction and meditation in nature focusing on the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. You will learn techniques such as walking with awareness and sit spots mediation, where you will find a place abundant with wildlife and plants, allowing nature to surround you.




Nettle spiralLearn traditional crafts and enjoy conversation around the campfire.

Join us around the campfire and learn how to make your own string from nettles. You will learn how to harvest nettles safely and process them by hand to create string.  At the end of the session you will take home your own string which you can use in outdoor projects such as gardening and camping or to make jewellery.






sncpThis fun workshop will help you identify natural signs for navigation using the sun, wind, plants and animals.

Natural navigation is a traditional skill for finding direction using signs in nature to tell if you are facing north, south, east or west. You will deepen your connection with nature and heighten your senses while getting to know trees in the park. During this workshop you will also learn how to identify trees in winter from their buds, twigs, bark and shape.



CAMPFIRE SKILLS (February 18th)

IMG_20150603_204520 Get in touch with you ‘inner child’ and enjoy a morning around the fire, cooking and sharing stories.

Learn how to select the right materials to build your fire and light it without matches. Make a simple bread snack to cook over the fire and enjoy the magic of storytelling, learning tips from our facilitator Beth Collier.



IMG_20160703_184005_hdrLearn to make simple coil baskets from grasses.

Traditional to many cultures around the world, these baskets are useful for foraging or as beautiful containers for your home. You will learn how to select, dry and store grasses, coiling and tying them into your own basket.



Flower pressThis workshop combines the beauty of flowers with the relaxation of art.

Enjoy a short walk in Hyde Park and be inspired by spring’s early bloomers. Back at The Look Out, you will learn how to create your own woodland flower press, and take it home ready for the arrival of spring when you can press flowers to make your own handmade card or bookmark.