We run a range of activities and experiences for children and families in London’s wild and green spaces.

We hope you’ll find our sessions fun, informative and friendly.  Enjoy bonding and spending time in nature with good company.

“What are we doing next week?”  “Can we do this everyday?” “Just five more minutes”

Negotiating endings can be the hardest part of our sessions! When children get engrossed in building a den for a caterpillar or getting the twist of their nettle string just right, its very difficult to bring it to an end.  We hate to disturb their exploration when they’re absorbed in the magic of their play or transfixed with the new skill they’ve learned.

Wildcraft Club

Fire lighting

Wildcraft sessions are designed for children 3 years+. They combine bushcraft, forest school and nature based play including den building, fire lighting, natural navigation, tracking, wildlife identification, music making, art and craft, games, play and story telling.

Nature based play supports the development of confidence, empathy and emotional exploration using nature connection.

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Birthday Parties

Den Building

Fun and exploration for groups of up to 15 children.  Tailored to your childs interests our parties can include bushcraft, art, crafts, story making and nature play.

Family Bushcraft

Family Time

Get close to nature and close to your family! Our family bushcraft sessions introduce fun activities catering for different needs and experience levels of all family members.