Corporate Leadership

Wild in the City! provide professional consultancy and support to executives working in corporate environments who want to explore the impact of emotions on their performance and leadership skills.

Leadership is an emotional task in which relationships are the means and the ends.

An authentic leader pays close attention to the emotional pulse behind their goals and decisions, with an awareness that their inner world is the basis for connecting with and influencing others.

A leader operates from the heart utilizing emotion, intuition, empathetic understanding of contexts and people to develop relationships which communicate their vision and nurture those they are leading. For our relationships to inspire trust we must embody congruence, empathy, authenticity and integrity. These are qualities developed through being emotionally honest with ourself, so that we can be with others.

When you know who you are and live in accord with your values it is very hard to follow, it compels you to lead your own life. You become an assertive free thinker, it is at this stage that you can truly inspire others.

Become a genuine leader, know who you are and honour your emotions, live in accordance with your values.

What can leadership consultation do for you?

Authentic leaders know emotions are a strength, not a weakness and emotional awareness a valuable asset. Our sessions will help you explore and acknowledge ‎the power of your emotions to guide you and inspire others and will support you in releasing your full potential by engaging with your inner world.

  • Understand how your emotions are influencing your performance within your team or boardroom
  • Gain insights into your patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving and how they are affecting your results
  • Develop your emotional awareness
  • Develop more effective and satisfying relationships with others
  • Clarify feelings that are supporting your successes
  • Work through blocks which are stopping you from achieving
  • Release your full leadership potential

What to expect

One to one consultations take the form of confidential conversations exploring your leadership style. Our work together will take place outdoors and may take the form of a walk or activity in nature.

All consultations are confidential and last 50 minutes. How long we meet depends on you and is something that is regularly reviewed.