Into the Wild…

Into the Wild…. is an innovative experiential programme for the symbiotic development of self knowledge and the development of knowledge of the natural environment. Combining psychotherapeutic, anthropological and ecological exploration, this programme provides nature based experiential learning in London’s wild spaces.

Come on a journey and get to know yourself and nature better

  • Become a tracker…learn how to identify animals from the signs they leave behind; footprints, feeding signs and dropping
  • Become a natural navigator…learn how to find your direction using plants; animals and the elements
  • Become at home in nature…learn how to live in the wild and look after your basic needs; shelter, fire lighting, water purification and foraging.

Wild in the City! runs orientation programmes for young people and adults living in inner cities to help them form a deeper connection to nature and develop self awareness and nature based skills.

Become confident in nature, become confident in yourself

The programme includes experience of:

  • Tracking
  • Natural navigation
  • Birding
  • Wildlife ID
  • Plant and Tree ID
  • Plant uses
  • Bush craft: Shelter, fire lighting, water purification, tool use
  • Practical nature based skills and conservation
  • Personal and group reflection on the experience of being in nature
  • Meditation
  • Sensory awareness
  • Anthropological perspectives and worldviews
  • Psychotherapeutic perspectives and skills

Living and thriving, not just surviving

Into the Wild supports the development of emotional well-being and esteem as well as knowledge of the natural environment. The experience supports the development of;

  • Emotional awareness of self and others
  • Sensory awareness
  • Leadership skills
  • Nature knowledge

Learning takes place ‘in the field’. This unique programme will explore nature and our connection to it from psychotherapeutic, anthropological and ecological perspectives. We will consider ancestors and indigenous peoples’ worldview of our place in nature. Learning traditional crafts and skills for managing land and utilising resources; contemplating their impact on our sense of belonging, community and well-being.

Document your journey and share your experiences…

We encourage participants to reflect on what they have experienced so they can see their own development and learning and inspire others. Participants can choose to reflect using digital media such as video diaries and short films of their activities, or through art and writing.

Our approach is person centred and relationship based. The experience is led by a nature based psychotherapist.

Root your life in nature, join us for an experience not just an activity