Nature Connectors: Terms and Conditions

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There are 6 sessions within the Nature Connectors programme.

Participants commit to attend the 6 sessions, unless otherwise agreed with course leaders.

Venue and meeting point

We will be visiting different natural habitats each week, including woodland, open countryside and parks.

You will receive briefing info with meeting point details prior to each session.

If you are delayed in arriving, please contact us by phone (07906 832 952) as soon as possible so we can determine if we can wait for you, send someone to meet you or whether the group will have to set off without you.

Clothing and welfare

The sessions will be held entirely outdoors. We will meet whatever the weather except storms and high winds, nature and all that she brings will be part of the experience.  Please dress appropriately for the weather and to be comfortable throughout the day. The session will involve walking and also seated reflection time. Please be aware that being seated for longer periods and being under a wooded canopy may mean you feel cooler than you would generally being outdoors. We suggest layered clothing for warmth and bringing waterproof clothing and sturdy waterproof footwear.

Bring drinking water and a packed lunch.


Some of the areas we will visit do not have flush toilet facilities. Your guide will be able to advise you on using the ‘bush toilet’.


Please inform us ( of medical conditions or allergies you wish us to know about which may be relevant to your participation in outdoor activities . We will keep this information in strictest confidence.


Wild in the City cannot take responsibility for any property which is lost, stolen or damaged during the sessions.

Research study

Through the Nature Connectors we are exploring people of colour’s relationship with nature and any barriers experienced. In signing up to the course, you agree to take part in a qualitative action research project which documents the experiences of participants as part of an ethnographic study.


Wild in the City would like to take photographs and video of the sessions for research purposes and for online and printed materials. Please inform us on the day if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed.


Natural settings and woodland have some levels of hazard which we can’t remove.

Outdoor settings have natural trip hazards (tree roots etc) and eye level flora such as hanging branches.  Some flora have thorns which can scratch. If the weather has been wet then the terrain may be slippery or water logged.  You may come into contact with wildlife, including biting insects and dogs.

Some activities may include the use of tools such as mallets, knives, saws and flint and steels. Course leaders will teach participants how to use them safely. Some sessions may involve activities using natural materials such as nettles, sticks, mud and rocks.

Our basecamp will include a camp fire, please avoid wearing highly flammable material such as shell suit fabric.


Community Values
Wild in the City places a strong emphasis on relationships and how we treat each other.

We invite participants to be proactive in co-creating a culture of respect, self awareness and honesty.

We hold boundaries against anti-social behaviour, including more insidious behaviour such as passive aggression and reserve the right to remove participants who are disruptive.


The course sessions are not open to children.

Acceptance of risk

In signing up to Nature Connectors, you accept all risks in participating in the course.

I understand that in signing to Nature Connectors, I am declaring the following:

  1. I am of sufficient physical fitness to participate in the course (at least able to take part in gentle walks of up to one hour, sitting and/or standing outdoors in all weather for an extended period)
  2. I accept all risks on behalf of myself and those attending with me in participating in the course, including injury and loss of life
  3. Wild in the City cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to property

Weather and cancellations

The sessions will run whatever the weather except in high winds, very heavy rain and storms. In light rain conditions we will go ahead anyway. If we need to cancel the event due to weather we will try to contact you at least 2 hours before the session is due to start, and arrange a new date for the session.