Social Media

We see social media as a noticeboard to let y’all know we’re here.

Social media can have a negative affect on our wellbeing, becoming a tool of physical isolation as much as virtual connection.

It can foster a culture of passive aggression, shaming, combative one-up-manship and other anti-social traits, the permissiveness of which is sadly trickling into face to face communication, some people think it is normal and acceptable to speak to and treat people in this way.

The result is our relationships become more stressful, people talk at each other, rather than with, have a poor sense of boundaries, are self orientated and can lack empathy; creating distress and barriers to intimacy. We hold boundaries against these ills which make us ill.

We’re unlikely to respond to requests, questions and comments via public SM, it’s best to get in touch privately or through email, better still come and join us for good company and conversation IRL. Looking forward to meeting you in the woods sometime soon.