Flax for fibres, heritage project planted at Croydon Saffron Central

Wild in the City have planted flax and cotton at Croydon Saffron Central as part of our heritage project growing natural fibres for spinning.  We currently work with wild fibres such as nettle, bramble and tree bark. We will be adding flax, cotton and fleece, working with the local community and schools to show how natural materials can be grown and harvested to make yarn and textiles.

Cotton struggles with temperatures under 15.5 degrees, so we’ll see how it goes! Both the cotton and flax started to germinate in May.

Cotton germinating            Flax germinating

Croydon Saffron Central is growing Woad which produces blue dye (think Brave Heart), together we hope to experiment with dying fibre.

We’ll let you know how you can be involved in the harvest and processing fibres (if!) when they mature.